Mindfield is where job seekers with the right qualifications, expectations and attitudes, find the right opportunities with the right employers. 
A place where great employer-candidate matches are made

We’re good at what we do and we have the data to back it up

Our hiring experts bring like minds together to connect, and it’s our exclusive proprietary domain. That said, we never lose sight of the fact that we’re in the people business and to get things done right, we always have a partnership mentality in mind. We’re not afraid to challenge our customer’s perceptions of what they think is the industry standard, and we’ll always stand up for what we believe. 


Our Values

Exceptional Customer Focus
Results Driven
Dedicated to Company Success
Continuous Improvement

Diversity and Inclusion


Mindfield is committed to celebrating our diversity and inclusiveness within our team, communities, and partners we support. Diversity is the most critical trend shaping our future of recruiting and hiring. That’s why we’ve embraced a renewed and expedited approach to diversity and inclusion to all and sundry.

Work for a Vision

At Mindfield, we take our purpose very seriously. Everyone is committed to helping our job seekers and our customers find the right match. If you are looking for a career that puts you in the driver's seat to make meaningful, positive change for others, we would love to chat.